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Welcome to The Misfits!

May the force have mercy on your soul!

We are a fun loving  guild with almost 500 active members and growing. We actively recruit all levels. We offer social raiding, ranked PVP, DataCron runs, Worldboss runs, and social events.

Guild News

Future of the guild.

Jania'kruhhk, Nov 3, 14 7:37 PM.
I never imagined it coming to this, but I am afraid it has. Kat and I, after much discussion, have decided that the Misfits has run its course, This does not mean that the guild is being disbanded, just that we are leaving just a few toons in the guild, and moving to <It's Not A Trap>. This guild will be for us and our friends as a toy guild. It is very unlikely that we will be able to rebuild, but who knows where we might be in a year. If you would like to move with us, contact myself or Kat.
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