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Welcome to The Misfits!

May the force have mercy on your soul!

We are a fun loving  guild with almost 500 active members and growing. We actively recruit all levels. We offer social raiding, ranked PVP, DataCron runs, Worldboss runs, and social events.

Guild News

Raid Team Announcements!

Mammakiss, Jan 17, 14 6:59 PM.

 This list may not be final. After reviewing everyone’s toons and availability this is what I came up with. If there is something that does not work for you please let me know. I managed to put everyone who had availably into the schedule. Teams should start raiding as of this Tuesday 1/21/14. Remember anyperson can put together a raid or a team just let Mail, an Immortal, or me who is on the team and when it runs. Once teams meet you can name the team and or change the start times again just let me know.     

Team A – Tuesday 8:30pm est

Leader: RedLdr

Tanks- RedLdr & Janiakruhhk

rDPS- Coornholio & Choe’edge

mDPS- Mindol & Jynxxed

Heals- Whiterabbit & Dr’Banner

Team B- Thursday 8:30pm est

Leader: Mamma

Tanks- Notseejedi & Spookey

rDPS- Posterboy & Wicked-paw

mDPS- Mileshunziker & MajinJerrid

Heals- Mayamato & Solia

Team C- Sunday 8:30pm est

Leader: Shifthappens

Tanks- Shifthappens & Calalia

rDPS- Fraggle & Bride

mDPS- Lakel & Cartoon

Heals- Yuthora & Aaluran

Immortal progression runs- Wednesday, Mondays and maybe Saturdays 8:30pm est

Guild Meeting Highlights

Mammakiss, Jan 15, 14 10:39 PM.

Thank you to all those who attended the guild meeting on Wednesday 1/15/14. We had a great turn-out. Below are key points to the topic of the meeting.

The meeting is because there are going to be changes in how the guild raids. We have been unable to move forward past story mode operations. As a guild our members are geared enough for the harder content but we seem unable to get it done. Also we are having to explain and re-explain the fights many times.

For the last few weeks the immortals have observing how people play and identifying weak areas. We need to focus on raid awareness, toon knowledge, and knowing what role each person plays in different fights (in other words the mechanics of the fight).

I have gotten feedback from pugs and friends who have ran with us who say they enjoy raiding with us but there is a lot of time wasted on explanation and waiting on others to start. 

After bouncing things around it has been decided we are going to form 2-3 8 man teams. Teams will be based on availability. We realize some people like to raid more often than others.  A person can be on more than one team as long as there is no conflict in days and time.

If you want to raid you must send an email (either in game or on the website to Mammakiss with the following information.  

  • Availablity: Days and times you can and want to raid
  • Any toons that are level 50 and higher with what level, class, and role they are
  • Interest in running a team. 

Once Mamma has the information she will start building the teams. Team raiding should start next week.

We would like to form a team which will start on the classic operations and help toons 50-55 get the starter gear they need.

Another thing which will be a requirement to raiding is downloading and using Parsec. This is dps meter which will help us to identify problems with rotation. Just like vent if you don’t have it you cannot raid with the guild.  Any of the immortals will be glad to help you download and install this on your computer. Parsec can be downloaded from:

And lastly before going to a raid you must have knowledge of that operation. The way to do this is to go to one of the many guilds that are on the web such as Dulfy, SWTOR-spy,, or even you-tube videos. Any of these methods will show you what to expect and the things you need to be on the lookout for during a fight.

There will be a progression team which runs twice a week. At this time the progression team will be 8-man and made up of Immortals. As time goes on and members gain the awareness and knowledge, we will expand to 16-man progression.

Any guild member can put together an op run as long as they are not locking toons out of team raids that are planned.  Team schedules will be on the website it will be important to check what is scheduled. If you are not schedule to run you can also pug into other groups or you may be able to fill in on a team where a member is missing.

Hopefully this method will also allow us to schedule social runs or data-cron runs where we have had a lot of fun in the past.

Any questions feel free to contact any Immortal, Mamma, or Mail.

See you in game!!          

Very Important Guild Meeting!

Mammakiss, Jan 14, 14 6:20 PM.
There will be a guild meeting on Wednesday 1/15/14 at 8:30pm est. We will be discussing changes in raiding. Please make every effort possible to attend. Everyone will need to be in vent.  

Acheivements and Quest

Mammakiss, Sep 23, 13 3:42 PM.

Hello Misfits!

We have made a new thread in the forums to help people find others who need and wanting to finish up some of the harder achievements or quest. Some of the more popular topics are listed but feel free to add new topics as needed.  We will try to schedule these runs to assist everyone to complete the achievements and quest they still have pending but it helps to know who needs what.

The other thing we would like to see is for the guild to take down the bonus boss in TFB. This would have to be a 16 man group. In order to access this boss we need to take Dread-Tooth down at 10 stacks in Section X. In order to survive Dread-tooth at the 10 stacks each person needs to have a Dread-Tooth mask.  Please let Mamma know if you are interested in doing this achievement.  This will take some time to put together and make sure each person has the mask that is needed.

Have Fun, Mamma and Mail

Misfits vs. Outlaws PVP

Mammakiss, Aug 5, 13 7:40 PM.

Come one, come all! Band together to defend our guild.

On Saturday Aug. 11th at 8pm est, the Misfits will fight against the Outlaws in a PVP match. To maintain some fairness PVE gear should be worn. Once a person is down they are out of play and cannot release or be rez.  The last guild standing wins. The rest of the details will be give at the event. 

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