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Welcome to The Misfits!

May the force have mercy on your soul!

We are a fun loving  guild with almost 500 active members and growing. We actively recruit all levels. We offer social raiding, ranked PVP, DataCron runs, Worldboss runs, and social events.

Guild News

Guild flaghip.

Jania'kruhhk, Aug 14, 14 4:34 PM.
According to info from the PTS, we need tens of thousands of blue grade 7 and 8 mats and thousands of purple grade 7 and 8 mats to fully upgrade the flagship as well as an additional 75 million credits. So, I am making the Raiding Gear bank tab Immortal only withdrawal (anyone can deposit though) so we can accrue the mats that we need. Any questions, comment or message me in-game or here.

Guild changes.

Jania'kruhhk, Jun 26, 14 2:04 AM.
As many of all y'all know, I've been promoted to GM. So, I plan to try to rebuild our raids and such. Here's my list:

  1. Rebuild our membership. I understand server population's been down recently, but a handful of guilds are going down the drain, and we need to grab these peeps that are looking for a raiding guild.
  2. Establish regular raid times. I may not be able to take immediate action on this; have some personal issues at the moment. I hope to deal with this in the next few weeks.
  3. Get a progression team set up. I will probably start with the Immortals and a few other people I know are interested, then get some other groups set up in the near future.
  4. More use of the site. This place is a great resource, and we need to use it.
If any of you guys have questions, feel free to contact me here or in game.

One last thing, please research raids prior to running them if you don't know them; has videos of all fights in raids, and is a great resource tool for gearing, skill tree build, ability rotations, etc. Please use it. Torhead is a great repository of item info, ability info, and the like. I'll make a forum post soon that has links to these and other sites.
Server Status
The Shadowlands
Status: UP
Population: Standard
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Alrighty, I'll try to figure out my schedule soon so we can get some raids going.
what she said lol
Raiding regularly would be good, Banner and I kinda gave up because it was falling apart every Tuesday, so I look forward to it :)
like Abish I can do whatever as long as the Outlaws are not doing anything
read your note Jania. I'll love to raid. catch me sometime about when i'm not obligated with outlaws
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